Why isn't there a Porsche version of the R8/Gallardo/Huracan? Porsche is higher than Audi, but lower than Lambo, right? So it would make sense to have something in between them. New Carrera GT, anyone?

Seat=Skoda<VW<Audi<Porsche<Lambo=Bentley<Bugatti, I think

Bentley and Lambo are about the same level of prestige and expensiveness, but in different segments.


The 918 would make a great Lambo and/or Bugatti, especially since the Veyron is getting old and stale. Unless Lambo and Bugatti versions are in the pipeline, which I wouldn't doubt.

If Porsche wants to protect the 911 so much, why not just stop selling the Boxster/Cayman in Porsche dealers altogether? Yeah I know that Toyota helped them make the Boxster share parts with the 911 to reduce costs and increase sales, but now the Cayenne and Panamera have taken over that money-generating role. So the solution is to sell the Boxster platform as a VW and/or Audi; this would also be double the fun since the 924 is an Audi with a Porsche badge, so, why not make a Porsche with Audi badges? The Boxster-Cayman would make a great Audi TT or VW something while no longer being a threat to the fanboys that insist on Ralph Nader's favorite layout since they would no longer share showroom space.

The next A7 and Panamera will probably merge, and of course the Phaeton/A8/Continental. Or maybe all 5 will be the same car instead of two different ones! I'm surprised Bugatti didn't follow through with the Gallibier, because they could just make one out of a Panamera (the concept looked quite a bit like it!)