So, last night, at around 3am, Nobody gave authorship to oppo. after the first 'test' post, I've decided to make a proper introduction.
so without futher adu, (adeu? adiu?) meet me!

As you can probably tell, my name is Peter Negru. yes I get a lot of stick for having that last name.

I was born in romainia in 1995, this leaves me at 18 right now. turning 19 in about a month. Came to canada when i was 2. lived in vancours for a year, then NWT/Nunavut (it changed while i was there) then ontario. as of right now, I live in Richmond Hill, just north of toronto. I'm currently attending Lakehead university (in thunder bay) for a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. (first year)

ok, now for the juicy stuff that all of you are weait for:

uhhhh. technically? nothing.
I do have my dads 2010 Audi A3 TDI to drive when i get home (the one in the back ground)

as for the 2 bikes. the one on the left is his. 2012 BMWf800r. I dont like it. too much touring bike for me

the one on the left is muh baby. 2009 suzuki SV650s. with some work done to it.

my mom drives a 2009 lexus IS250 AWD, which has Akita AK77's on it for the summer (guess whos idea that was?)

I also get to (and prefer) to drive this thing around when I need a car.

oddly enough i DO have my own car. a 2000 Saab 93. was my dads, but he handed it down to me when he got the audi. (google photo, dont have one of it right now)

mine looks EXACTLY like that, but i have the 10-spoke wheels on it.
I cant drive the saab,. we have no room to store it, and insurance for me is prohibitively expensive. even before the 2 speeding tickets (15 over each) and the "failure to stop for police". < that one is a story for another time)

so the saab sits in a field at a family friends place. as it has been for the past 5 years.

as all opponauts, i do have a dream garage. sport bike (triumph 675r) , touring bike (either my current SV for a honda VFR 800), dual sport bike (i'm thinking a suzuki DR or a honda CRF250) , track rat (miata or a morgan 3 wheeler) , exotic/rare car (a aston martin, OR a morgan aeromax OR a singer 911), DD (torn between a A# tdi like dads, a saab 93 TURBO X or a volvo V70/S60r. or the new ones) and tow car (DD might be able to help fill this).
plus what ever my future wife would have (current gf might be it... going to try and get her on a bike XD)

I also game a bit, not as much on 360 anymore as its more on the computer.

I hope to be more involved in the car community, and maybe to oppo-meet ups in the summer when i have my bike back!

Until then, I hope to help provide oppo with good stories and great articles!
until my next post, see ya then!