So whenever income tax comes in, I'll probably have about $10k to spend on a new ride. The only pre-requisites I have for it are it has to be not boring, preferably has a backseat (even if it isn't 4 doors), preferably has a manual (I would look at an auto if it was on par with everything else), has to be from this millennium, has to be daily drive-able, has to be reliable/not too expensive to fix, and it has to be quick/fast/sporty/whatever. None of these are negotiable, so no unfortunately I will not be able to daily drive a 1973 Cadillac El Dorado. This makes me sad, but so it goes.

At the moment I'm looking at Mazda Speed3s, RX-8s, G35s, Mustang GTs, GTOs (if I can find one for cheap enough), and, well that's really about it. Anything else I should consider?