Let's say you have $20k saved up. And let's say you're a young bachelor who now lives on his own, and you need a set of wheels so you can live your life.

You don't have kids or a wife/girlfriend to cart around. You're a one car kind of guy... Mostly because that's all you can afford and it's all you have space for. No restrictions at all..... buuuut you have to haul your stuff for work/sports around and it just won't fit in a Miata. You love Miata's, but you love playing hockey more, and you just can't fit your hockey stick in it! What would you buy?


Personally, I'd go for an E92 335i. It's fun, I can comfortable carry 3 friends (or lady friends) around with me, and whenever I have to get to that hockey game I can fold one of the rear seats down, or if I'm lucky enough my car will have the Ski bag option that came with the cold weather package.

Lets say is going to become a regular thing. Every night I'll give you a different scenario and you have to pick what you would do in that situation