From this angle you can see how the glistening shaft penetrates between the front wing struts and into the soft folds of its aero-refined body. Air flow rushes into the tight gaps on either side so that it can brush gently down the car's underside and burst out of its diffuser in a flurry of excitement. Ooh er....


Being made to look like they're compensating for something all year will be Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne ("Jev" to his friends) and barely-legal Russian amateur Daniil Kvyat, who proves that money talks louder than qualifications sometimes. One or more of them will be taking the car roughly in the garage and then, once they've inserted themselves, will ride it all day long at Circuito de Jerez and experience a journey of discovery. You know part of you wants to watch in a darkened room, but unfortunately for you all that we'll see of the Jerez tests are voyeur photos by people at the track. But maybe you like that kind of thing.

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