Today we (I) as just how modified your car is. Answer for your daily driver or whatever you drive the most (or don't I'm not a cop). For simplicity sake lets break down the states of modification into four tiers.

Stock - may include some non OEM replacement parts (tires/batteries/radios/window tint)


Lightly Modified - catback exhaust/muffler, different wheels, simple engine mods, different head/tail lights

Modified - raised/lowered suspension, body work, custom interiors, more aggressive engine mods

Heavily Modified - major engine work/swap, extensive suspension work, crazy body work

Asking this question brings up a number of other interesting questions I could ask such as:

Now if you couldn't tell answers 1 and 3 are for those of you who have one and only one car, while 2 and 4 are for those who have numerous toys. If you drive something like a two year old white Corrolla and you feel it's amazing in it's own unique way then by all means, vote accordingly. But if you do happen to have a pretty uninspired commuter don't go lying to yourself. I guess if you'd proudly consider yourself a [insert make and model here] enthusiast then that car would be fun to you.


Finally one more question while we're on the topic. For this question there's plenty of grey when it comes to the qualification of a "car." For a car to count it doesn't have to be running, but should be mostly complete (i.e. not a rusty shell sitting on a frame). I'm going to say no motorcycles, just because it's going to skew the numbers a way I don't want (I'd like to make a bunch of motorcycle questions for another day).