The cabover. There's just something about that weird, intensely practical utilitarian design that stirs the Jalop soul. No nonsense, no frills, just a few passenger butts seated directly above a tiny engine, in this case, 1000cc of tiny engine. The cabover, or cab forward, or front control, or goofy hoodless truck design is preferred despite its odd looks because it is so practical. By pushing the passenger compartment forward, designers can eliminate the miles of unnecessary hood and engine bay that hog the wheelbase. Thus, there is more room for whatever you're hauling, because you have a much longer bed. (And, in this case, a Crew Cab. For whatever reason.)

This "Mag International crew cab truck" is said to hail from the fine year 2008 and be "made by Suzuki." I wish there were a little more information, but he seller's identity explains the succinctness of the listing. The truck is for sale at a government liquidation auction, so courtesy of some governmental agency in California, you could be the next owner of this little useful oddity. What is Mag International? Heck if I know, but I'm sure one of you does. This truck looks a lot like the JDM compact trucks that are popular among many of you. How it made it stateside is a mystery to me, and if you could shed any light on the situation, I'd love to know. You've got four days to snag the Suzuki and release this truck from the bonds of obscurity. At an opening bid of 25.00 and no apparent reserve (though I find this harder to believe than Alfa's US relaunch), it could be a fun impulse buy.

The truck is said to be in nonrunning condition and missing the keys, but as a 2008 model and a presumably simple and reliable design, it should be easy to repair. It's a risky buy, obviously. It presumably led a hard government life (most likely shuttling diplomats to and from the airport), and who knows what kind of parts market there is for it on this side of the pond. As mentioned, it has a tiny engine burdened with one of the weirdest automatic gearboxes I've ever seen, and very few creature comforts. But it has that seemingly essential Jalopnik quality: this truck is, if nothing else, unusual. It would get plenty of second glances driving down the street. Maybe you could fit a couple of BRAT-style seats in the bed and drive around some babes of whatever gender you prefer. It might spice up the styling.

Well, there it is. A strange little truck with a murky history. There have been some allegations flying around recently in the comments that Jalopnik has "sold out" or only focuses on high-end luxury cars, but I'm confident that that isn't the case. I was also confident that I would be a self-made millionaire by the age of 18. Guess how that worked out. But if there's any group of people who would be interested in this weird little truck, it's you. Enjoy.

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