It's come up in another thread that quite a few of us don't like the NSFW posts here, for a variety of reasons. Some are religious, others (like me) think they're off-putting to some people, some just think they're boring, and there are probably lots of other reasons too.

People keep posting this kind of content, so it's obvious some of us like it. Would anyone like to explain what it is you like about it - by which I mean about it being here, not what it is you like about pictures of nekkid wimmins - and if/why you feel Oppo would be worse without it?

Let's have the other side of the argument too, from those who feel getting rid of it or (voluntarily?) limiting it would improve Oppo.


Since we're all remarkably reasonable here given it's the internet, I'm sure we can come up with some solution acceptable to everyone.

I won't rule out keeping the status quo, because I don't think anyone here wants to impose their views on everyone else, so much as reach an agreement we're all happy with that makes Oppo the best place it can be.

One possibility that occurs to me is to have a separate NSFW kinja blog, but maybe some people feel that wouldn't work so well for them.

Another thing we might try is to have a voluntary moratorium on NSFW posts for a few days and see if anyone feels like Oppo has lost anything.