My wife and took a driving vacation to Colorado in 2000. My del Sol VTEC was stock at the time and was our means of conveyance for all fun drives. It was a perfect driving day and we had the roof off, just enjoying our good fortune to be together and doing something we both love.

As we were traveling down the San Juan Skyway I saw far ahead a small silver car pull out from a side road. My jaw dropped and I started making ga-ga noises and my wife started asking what was wrong. I kept pointing out the windshield and screaming "Do you see that? Do you see that? Do you know what that is? GET THE CAMERA!!!"

What I had seen was a Mercedes Benz 300SL Coupe. I dropped a gear and floored it to catch up. I didn't want to be Major Douche and tailgate it but I had to get a closer look and within camera range. My wife is a pretty good shot, and here's what she captured.

The SL was being driven enthusiastically and my wife urged me to follow it, as she knew I was really having one of the best moments of my life and didn't want to ruin it with anything as petty as a "vacation". We were able to get a little closer and she took another shot.

As we rounded a curve, we saw the SL coming up on another vehicle.

I freaked out. I started shouting "What the hell is this? What the hell is going on here?" We got closer to them.

I started thinking "Of course! We're in Colorado. There's probably some rich guys' car club around here out for nice drive."

I was also thinking that this was some pretty pricey machinery and was being driven in the way they were meant to be.


We followed the cars down to Silverton, where we stumbled upon the largest collection of vintage sport and racing machinery I had ever seen. A couple of examples.

Oh yes.

And one that I never thought I would ever seen in person.

Once more, with feeling.

This was the Colorado Grand ( I had never heard of the event. I talked to some of the owners/drivers of these vehicles and they were happy to tell me about it. I figured I knew a thing or two about cars, but was humble to realize that we had just stumbled upon what had to have been one of automotive's best-kept secrets.


I was very respectful of the people and the vehicles, asking if I could touch one or two and getting a chuckle from the ones who could see the awe in my eyes. My wife was ever so sweet and indulged me in allowing me to walk around, browse the cars and take pictures as long as I liked. I cherished the time.