Diesel sucks. There you go, I said it. It sucks, plain and simple. For some reason though, diesel are extremely popular on this website. As a french person who lived for the past 10 years in North America, this is something I do not understand. What good do you see in a diesel car? I can understand the fun of a boxy wagon, the fun of an extremely ugly and crappy car or why miata is always the answer, but what's up with you and diesel?

My theory on the subject is that you guys might actually suffer of the "grass is greener over there" syndrom. You live in a society where gas cars ruled the world for decades and where a diesel sedan was seen as something rather unique to have. "Oh you have a Jetta TDI... nice!!". But you've never lived for many years, surrounded by vibrating old diesels and there awful noise/smell... You don't know what it is to spend your entire life shifting a crapbox at 4000rpm max or dealing with that guy in front of you and his black smoke coming out of his exhaust because the last time he actually accelerated over 2000rpm was in 1978.


Diesel cars are not all Audis A8 TDI or BMWs 550D, no. They are Renault Clios 1.3, Citroen C3s Picasso and Golfs/Polos/Jettas/you name it... (and yes, I know golfs, both my parents owned all of them, two each time... And I'm not talking about GTD or more powerful diesels either than can be somewhat fun to drive and with higher revving capabilities, but of the basic car you find everywhere, all the time).

All this along with the fact that the International Agency for Research on Cancer finally, in 2012, considered it as an important reason for cancers, thanks to the diesel particulate matter created by these oh-so-fantastic cars... Of course, particulates are not tested for now to consider whether or not the car you guys buy is "alright" for the environnement... So diesels are CLEAN and GREEN!!! Right... Let's not forget the high amount of nitrogen dioxide also created by these so clean diesels...

So please, Jalops of North America... Don't do the same mistake we did in France and in Europe in general... Keep diesels as far away from you as possible before it's too late... It's not fun, it pollutes and it makes you sick.