Saw a post earlier about comparing a persons personality to a car. Let's play the Plane0pnik version! What car would you say reflects the character and attributes of a specific aircraft and why.

Here's an example,

of all the planes I could think of the only one that matches the attributes of the original Dodge Viper was the F-105 ThunderChief (a.k.a. Thud - the sound it makes when it crashes).

This jet was just a brute. No finesse, no computer-aided flight controls, one speed - fast, and a very, very narrow optimum operating environment. You literally had to fly it with your mind, body, and soul. Any distraction or lack of concentration and it would bite you. Having tried it in the sim and talked to a few Thud drivers, this thing is just like a Viper.


I figure you guys can come up with the pretty ones... ya'know F-16 = Murcielago, F-117=Countach, ...maybe not.