And some people oppose this? What. The. Fuck.

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"I think this legislation is very heavy-handed, totally unnecessary and according to surveys 84-percent of adults wouldn't dream of lighting a cigarette in a car, in a small enclosed space with a child present," said Simon Clark, the director of Forest, a UK-based "pro-smoking group."


Seriously guy? I smoke, I enjoy smoking, I'm about to smoke now, but I feel like a piece of shit when I smoke around children and I avoid it at all costs. I don't like smoking outside of a store's entrance for this reason, or even standing outside my car in a crowded parking lot.

Children should be protected from those 16% of smoking parents who would subject their kids to it. Yes I smoke now, but I hated when my mom used to smoke in the car when I was young. I even vividly remember telling her to quit one morning when I was 7 or so. I just can't imagine smoking in a car with a kid in it, let alone my own child.