So starts the final day of this first pre-season test for the 2014 F1 season at Jerez. To start us off here are the running times for this morning per Autosport.

1 AlonsoFerrari 1m35.334s
2 RosbergMercedes 1m36.951s +1.617
3 MagnussenMcLaren-Mercedes 1m37.391s +2.057
4 MassaWilliams-Mercedes 1m39.256s +3.922
5 JuncadellaForce India-Mercedes 1m41.132s +5.798
6 KobayashiCaterham-Renault 1m43.193s +7.859
7 KvyatToro Rosso-Renault 1m44.016s +8.682
8 SutilSauber-Ferrari 1m44.224s +8.890
9 RicciardoRed Bull-Renault 1m45.374s +10.040
10 BianchiMarussia-Ferrari 1m48.192s +12.858

The biggest story so far is the early departure of Current reign world champions. The RedBull team have indeed packed it up and have left the testing session this morning. After many, many issues with overheating, fire, mechanical failures, the team decided to pack it all up and go back to the preverbial drawing board. This morning the team even tried to open up a few more vents to help the RB10 to cool and breath better. They now won't be able to test anything until the Bahrain test which starts on February 19th. That is a long time for the world champs to wait and see if their fixes worked. Updates as the test continues!


Update 1-Kayumi Kobayashi has completed 53 laps which is more than almost every other Renault powered F1 team combined. Now that would be a change up this year if Caterham Renault somehow managed to win the Championship!

Update 2-New McLaren driver Magnussen goes fastest for the day so far with a 1m33.619s, this young driver I feel is really trying to prove his worth with the McLaren team and solidify why he got the seat.

Update 3-Holy crap, Force India's brand new driver Daniel Juncadella has just set fastest lap for today with a 1m33.119s toppling also new driver Kevin Magnussen from the leaderboard. If these guys keep up the times and consistency, it's going to be a great season!


Update 4-Magnussen is back on top with a 1m32.260s, the Force India and McLaren are trading blows!

Update 5-I can't keep up with these boys, Juncadella goes for a 1m31.719s!

Update 6-Now Juncadella, Magnussen, Massa, Sutil, and Kobayashi are all on the track.

Update 7-And Hamilton joins the running on the track.

Update 8- Here are today's lap count per Autosport.

1. Daniel Juncadella (Force India-Mercedes) 1m31.719s, 45 laps
2. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren-Mercedes) 1m32.260s, 82 laps
3. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 1m35.334s, 71 laps
4. Felipe Massa (Williams-Mercedes) 1m36.069s, 48 laps
5. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 1m36.951s, 91 laps
6. Jules Bianchi (Marussia-Ferrari) 1m40.966s, 10 laps
7. Adrian Sutil (Sauber-Ferrari) 1m42.549s, 51 laps
8. Kamui Kobayashi (Caterham-Renault) 1m43.193s, 54 laps
9. Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso-Renault) 1m44.016s, 8 laps
10. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull-Renault) 1m45.374s, 7 laps

Update 9-Alonso now sets 2nd fastest lap with a 1m32.132s still almost half a second behind Juncadella. Scratch that Alonso gets the top spot with 1m31.551s

Update 10- Hamilton jumps to 4th on the leaderboard with a 1m35.651s.

Update 11-Now its Juncadella and Alonso trading fastest laps. Alonso hits a 1m31.551s just mere seconds after Juncadella hits a 1m31.399s!

Update 12-Sutil hits the gravel and a red flag is out.

Update 13-Back to green, and we're testing! That just doesn't sound as cool as "and we're racing!" Whatever, lets see what happens now.

Update 14-New leaderboard per Autosport and BBC!

1 MassaWilliams-Mercedes 1m29.852s
2 JuncadellaForce India-Mercedes 1m30.437s +0.585
3 AlonsoFerrari 1m30.861s +1.009
4 HamiltonMercedes 1m31.356s +1.504
5 MagnussenMcLaren-Mercedes 1m31.804s +1.952
6 RosbergMercedes 1m36.951s +7.099
7 SutilSauber-Ferrari 1m39.941s +10.089
8 BianchiMarussia-Ferrari 1m40.966s +11.114
9 KobayashiCaterham-Renault 1m43.193s +13.341
10 KvyatToro Rosso-Renault 1m44.016s +14.164
11 RicciardoRed Bull-Renault 1m45.374s +15.522

Update 15-Magnussen spun the McLaren and causes a Red flag, no damage to the car, but comes back to the pits gesturing he is ok.


Update 16-So the last few minutes of the first pre-season test, Massa is still the man to beat today. Will he get knocked off the top?

Update 17-The Torro Rosso as if in defiance to the RedBull Renault faults comes out for the last 15 minutes and immediately has stopped. Also Magnussen seems to have caused another red flag, that boy is really trying to whip that car. The two cars might have tangled together.

Update 18-And that's it for the final day of the first testing session. Here is the running for today per Autosport. The next testing session won't be until February 19th so the teams have a bit of time to work out some kinks and really fine tune their cars, especially the Renault powered cars, RedBull will really need to work their car to get it to actually perform more than a few laps at a time.


1 Massa (Williams) 1m28.229s, 86 laps
2 Alonso (Ferrari) 1m29.145s, 115 laps
3 Juncadella (Force India) 1m29.457s, 81 laps
4 Magnussen (McLaren) 1m30.806s, 110 laps
5 Hamilton (Mercedes) 1m30.822s, 41 laps
6 Bianchi (Marussia) 1m32.222s, 25 laps
7 Sutil (Sauber) 1m36.571s, 69 laps
8 Rosberg (Mercedes) 1m36.951s 91 laps
9 Kobayashi (Caterham) 1m43.193s, 54 laps
10 Kvyat (Toro Rosso) 1m44.016s, 9 laps
11 Ricciardo (Red Bull) 1m45.374s, 7 laps

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