Snowed a bit here in Colorado last night/this morning, so pictures of cars under snow time.

First up, my Winter car- tackling the snow like its 1965' for the winter. Sitting in my works parking lot.

Works parking lot. Look on the left, see the motorcycle? One of our UPS drivers is insane!!!!!

Parked in my street, as you can see my license plate is whited out - with snow :D not bothing to clear it :P Also my stepdad's 59' F100 4x4

and mums Murano, and whats this poking its nose out of the garage?

That would be mum's 66' Fastback 2+2!! Don't worry, the plane was set on with care!

By far the most sad picture :( Was waiting for a few nice days to clean it..but it keeps snowing, and when its not snowing its far to cold overnight to clean it and put the cover back on -.- My poor 350Z :(

Missing from the photos are - My stepdad's ...87' I think? Mercury Cougar (a hawk flew infront of his windshield yesterday on the highway thus destroying the windshield) and also his 89' I think? Ford van, witch my brother in Denver is driving so he doesn't have to drive his Mustang or Ducati.