Hey guys, just real quick:

If you put curse words, censored or not, in your posts' titles, I will not read them (at work), because I don't want to trigger firewall red flags that inevitably lead to an awkward conversation with my boss/IT.

I don't mind swearing beyond that.

I also don't think that this issue is your/our fault; Kinja insists on using the (sometimes truncated) title of the post as the URL. I've already bitched to the devs that they should use GUIDs. Guess how far that got me?

Maybe I'm the only one with this rule, and maybe I'm not. At the end of the day, if you want me to even consider reading your post, no foul language in the title. If you specifically DON'T want me to read your article, and then berate you for whatever you posted, well, you know how to keep me away :)