So a few random musings:

1. Doing GIS for "Pizza Delivery Girl" brings up tons of images that are at best definitely NSFW and at worst offensive even for ardent non-feminists. So enjoy this Reliant Robin-esque thingie from Car and Driver instead.

2. Or not, and you can just get Kinja'd instead.

3. Apparently being a Pizza Delivery Girl is a scary occupation.

4. Oppo Poll: Carry-out or deliver? Which is the more Jalop option in your opinion?


5. Seriously: why is there a $5-$6 difference for extra toppings, depending on the chain? This is kind of ridiculous and it seems to be a uniform convention regardless of whether I order from franchises or local Mom 'n Pops.

6. I saw For Sweden make a post but it's not showing up. So even comments are getting Kinja'd.