I want one of these. Real bad. Prepare for part rant, part story.

But I have one of these. Simple sell it right?

No. Dad said can't buy an old car. Must be new.

Buy FRS, not within budget, parents help out. Much regret. Such guilt.

Plan: Sell car, take loss, pay back parents with car money. Buy nice S13 with left over money that is for me.

Now, then how to explain to my dad I want a car that I bought? Not to sound unappreciative of my parents' help, but they have done more than enough for me(like help me through college). Helping me buy my car was a bit much. I shouldn't have taken the deal. Shouldn't have taken the deal.

Not gonna lie, totally will miss the rumble, but I think(I know) I will be happier knowing that I bought the car myself. Any points to help convince my dad that buying an "old" car won't result in a broken piece of shit?

Will I give up on the FRS altogether? No, probably not. It was a fantastic car, it was light, it has a huge aftermarket(now, imagine in a few more years), and it was a ton of fun! I will most likely buy one once I get out of college, once I can make my own money, and not be a spoiled brat.

Yes, I know, these have an open diff, less power, worse brakes, worse suspension, BUT. . . I don't care. I can upgrade that stuff slowly, but surely. First would definitely be suspension, brakes and tires/wheels. I would have enough left over cash to cover a hub conversion and new wheels, tires, and brakes.

So let's recap. I want a S13, but my dad won't let me buy something that isn't new. I buy a car with help of my parents. This is deemed to be a bad idea by my brain. Now I have to convince my dad, that buying an old car will not result in terrible consequences.

Thanks for listening guys, and don't try to be too harsh on me for being a complete idiot. Oh, and yes I am okay with the stigma that comes with these cars. Luckily I generally don't rice out my cars(car).