I brought my family out to go sit in a CTS to show them what the CTS Wagon's interior will be like.

First and foremost, the thing that is getting us to purchase a new vehicle is having a baby on the way, and the need/want for a vehicle that can haul a baby, 11y/o and two 70+ lb dogs. Sadly, my Impreza isn't going to cut it for much longer. The CTS wagon is the ideal vehicle in my mind, lots of storage space, comfy, dogs have room without sitting all over the seats and it is easy to access the baby. However, my fiancee was of a slightly different mindset. She was picturing upgrading to something closer to the size of a minivan. I will be damned if I purchase a minivan as my daily driver...


So when I showed her a regular CTS sedan telling her the interior is very similar, only with far more cargo capacity, she instantly rejected the idea saying, "nope nope nope".

Upon seeing my broken face, she immediately amended her initial reaction saying that she was saying nope to the sedan, and she is still open to sitting in the wagon. Her biggest gripe against the interior was that she couldn't picture hauling all of our cargo, two dogs, my soon to be mother in law and the baby to be on vacation, not this summer, but the summer after. I do NOT want to be stuck in a minivan or "suv" just for a trip that is going to happen a year and a half from now.


What makes it worse, is that as we were leaving the dealership, she pointed out a Buick Enclave saying that is what she had in mind... but without the third row of seats. So the dogs would have somewhere to sit.

My plan of attack now, is to convince her that even if we get a full sized SUV, we won't have the space to carry both dogs and all of our luggage for that one trip. This should work decently since she was hoping to rent a truck/trailer instead of staying in hotel rooms for two weeks.

Wish me luck!