For those that know (or dont), I'm on my school's FSAE team. Yesterday was a pretty huge day for us. For years, we've ran with the same tired, old, worn out Yamaha WR450 engines. We had three engines, an 03, an 07, and an 08 that we frankenstined together to make one, maybe two running engines. Well this year, we raised money, and bought a new, straight from factory 2014 YFZ450. And yesterday, we got it fired up for the first time. Now, this isn't just a get the motor, press the button and go type thing. We had to make our Motec Engine management system work with the engine, needed to redo the engines wiring harness, and then needed to dial everything in to work together. Here's some pictures of the occasion.

I also did some remachining on our wheel hubs. Tricky part to hold and machine, and I'm pleased how they came out.

Lastly, I got the head unit and speakers my brother got me for the holidays installed in my truck. They sound great!