Go screw yourselves. You already force Canadians to deal with your shitty editing and shitty cutting and you hi-jack Fox's feed and replace the brilliant commercials with Canadian crap.

For those that don't know, CTV has all the rights in Canada across all the channels. TSN, CTV, Fox; doesn't matter. Its a single feed that CTV runs.


I don't care about Masterchef. Or The Following. Or any one of a dozen random throw away shows that won't last on your pathetic network for more than a year. I don't care about Canadian content. I don't even care about the rather good Olympic commercials.

One day of the year. Just one. That is all you need to give us. I want the American feed. I want the glorious commercials, the uninterrupted stream after the game; I want all of that.

What you've told me is that you're too useless or arrogant or all the above, and you need to shove your publically funded balls in the faces of those who wish to enjoy the big game.

Well fuck you. I can play that game as well. I'll find myself a HD stream next time around and hook that up to the projector. I'll install illegal satellite for a single day for crying out loud, just to get the American feed.

If I wanted to see Canadian content, I would be on a Canadian channel. Why are you sticking your ass into the American channels that I fucking paid for to get American content?

Blah. Such horseshit.