Some talking points:

- we have no pride as a city. Seriously. There's a very specific reason why we worship football here, it's because we as a city cannot cultivate a worthwhile cosmopolitan culture of our own. New York; Boston; D.C.; even Philadelphia have managed to cultivate international cosmopolitan atmospheres. I'd argue Seattle and most big West Coast cities have too. Denver's still riding on the "cow town" image and that's why we're still flyover country.

- Along those lines we're a bunch of pushovers when it comes to things outside of sports (or even within sports). New York has a bevy of cultural and historic landmarks they can fall back on; we in Denver can only go "skiing and mountains hurr durr."

- We don't even have pride in our fucking food.

- We have some of the worst air pollution in the country at the same time when we're touting 340 days of sunshine.

- We have a corrupt-ass police force

- Nobody even has a clue of what Denver is even fucking like. You ask someone out of state and it snows in the summer and we can ski from our driveways or some stupid nonsense like that.


Fuck this, I'm going to take this as a sign and shoot for the moon and see if I can get a career in entertainment in L.A. to get my ass out of this broke-ass town.

...or maybe not. But living on Oxnard would be cool.

EDIT: I forgot to add that Denver's (and Colorado's as a whole) education system, from K all the way to higher ed, ranks very low too.