I've been going to car shows, reading car magazines, following automotive news, and generally have been up on cars since I was a kid. My brother and I have Road and Track stacked in our parent's basement like most people have National Geographic. A few weeks ago Jalopnik we were asked "What car didn't you know existed?" I had at least seen about 95% of everything that had been posted, even if I couldn't remember some specifics.

So, today I was looking for an image to post in the QOTD thread when I stumbled across this:

This was completely new to me. It's a 1980 Mercedes Auto2000; a research vehicle designed to explore turbo diesel power and advanced aero shapes.


Once I got over being horrified by it, I gave it a more critical look. That cam-back and huge C-Pillar kind of give the back end a Volvo Bertone Coupe look. I kind of like how they've dropped the back end so that the rear wheels are shrouded. I assume this is to reduce drag.

Anyway, it was new to me. Some of you have probably seen it before. Enjoy.