Has anyone ever had an encounter with a car that could have or should have been bad, but ended up going remarkably well?

I rented a very non-Jalop Chevy HHR for an extended (3 month) work project once that I drove 1000 miles a week and found to be delightful. It had all the space I wanted for personal luggage and work-related parts, and the keyfob remote-start got the air conditioner chilling before I stepped into it in the 110+ degree Arizona summer. The seating position was actually comfortable and the height made up for some of the intrinsic lack of visibility from the thick pillars. Being a rental, I have no idea about maintenance, but it gave me no trouble aside from a flat tire.


Every time I see the HHR get slighted on Jalopnik or Oppo, I wonder what was so anomalous about my experience, and perhaps where the anti-HHR prejudice comes from in the first place.

Anyone else have a good experience with a "bad" car?