I just have to see the AWD Charger's naughty bits. Yes, I know how AWD cars work. Yes, I know it will be trivially different than other AWD cars but...I...I can't stand not knowing what the underbody looks like and how it does it. I HAVE TO KNOW!

How did they do it? Do they just have CV joints sticking out of the tranny like on many Audis? (like on many VW products, actually) Do they use a transfer case out of a truck? Do they have some kind of side shaft driving an offset front diff like in a Panamera? Do they have two full length drive shafts like on a GT-R??? Maybe your google-fu is better than mine and can find a picture. Maybe you're a mechanic and have seen it for yourself. Maybe you own one and have a camera and a few spare minutes handy. I don't know. Either way, I just gotta know!