Installed the wife's birthday present this weekend, heated seats. The heater I got through Amazon, and I chose the one that seemed to have the best price/review ratio. Car is a Toyota Yaris, 2009, and what makes this special is that Toyota glued the fabric to the foam. Most of the kits you see have the Yaris listed as "not compatible." Yep, what a pain in the keister. However, after a hour or two of careful peeling, the seat cover came off and the heat panels went in, I used Dupont 200 spray adhesive, and it seemed to work fairly well at reattaching the fabric to the foam without bleeding through. Once the were under the fabric, I then went out to car and proceeded to wire them in. (To be honest, I would never have attempted this if a fellow Oppo had not uncovered a thread on Yaris World that contained a rather thorough pdf of the process. Thank you mysterious Opponaut, whose name is buried too far back to be recovered!) I got the center console out, and drilled the switch blank, and it really looks factory! The wires went in without any real problems, and it all heated up first time I hit the switch. As a matter of fact, I might even need to figure out a way to put in a rheostat in place of the switch; the wife told me today that even on low they were getting too hot.

So, for those that want to keep their toucas toasty, there is a solution. Looking back, I would probably go for one of the carbon mats instead of the wire, just because they seem to be a little lower profile. Also pay attention to where the wire exits the pad. I think that if the pads are long enough then the side is fine, but these were a little smaller, and it would have been easier to have the wire exiting straight back. I was also a bit ginger with yanking on the foam on the seatback since it is airbagged. The thought of that going off with the seat just sitting on the floor made me pretty nervous the whole time. The wires were plenty long, so there were no problems there. I will probably end up getting a set for my S once she's back on the road.