So every year before the season starts, I like to pick a few teams to root for in the oncoming F1 season. The reason I pick more than one is so if something goes wrong with one of them, there's still another team that I can root for so I don't lose interest and because why not...
So I basically divide the grid into 3 categories. There's the front runners (Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes) the mid-pack (Lotus, Force India, Sauber, Toro Rosso, and Williams) and the back markers (Caterham and Marussia). These divisions are based off of the teams' budgets and their usual finishing positions, and are probably very similar to the ones that people familiar with F1 have come up with.

So my pick for the front runners is Ferrari, because, well, it always is. I'm a bit of a Ferrari fanboy and I'm not ashamed. (Try not to make too many fire jokes in the comments :P) They've always been my favorite team and especially now that they have Kimi back, their line-up consists of my 2 favorite drivers. Don't get me wrong though, all the rest of the front running teams definitely have good stuff going for them, but I hope that the new regulations are able to help Ferrari come back to old form.


For the mid-pack I ended up deciding to go for Williams this year. I really wanted to like Lotus again this year, but with Boullier out and Maldonado in, Grosjean's recently good form still just wasn't enough to keep me rooting for the whole team. Force India might be interesting to watch as well, because I quite like Hulk, but personally, I'm not a huge fan of Perez. As for Sauber and Toro Rosso, I'm just kind of indifferent towards them, but I'm sure they'll be teams to follow over the course of the season. The reason I picked Williams though, is because I think there's a load of potential in that team. I was incredibly impressed with Bottas' performance in 2013, and they also finally have a more experienced driver coming to the team in the form of Massa (another one of my favorite drivers). With these guys behind the wheel of cars from a team that could be ready for a major rebirth because of the new regulations, Williams could be a major game changer. I'd love to see them place 6th or 7th in the constructors championship, and then improve upon that in following years to put them back in the front runners pack in several years.

As for the back markers, I picked Caterham, but it's basically just a coin toss between the two teams. I picked them because their livery is cool (I guess...? Green is ok I suppose) I sort of like Kamui, and I like the R500, but other than that I don't really have any other reasons (or any legitimate ones, for that matter)...

So anyway, that's my pick for next season. Feel free to share yours!