Am I going insane? Am I insane?

Ok I got into an "argument" (facebook) with a non jalop/oppo person and they claim.... oh well here it is I'll pull it from facebook and use numbers 1 is me please tell me what i did wrong or am i right.

The New Supra is the nastiest, most beautiful thing, that I have ever had the pleasure of looking at

  • 1) FT-1* (not a supra)
  • 2) Correction. It is the new supra. They took the design of every supra to create toyotas newest sports car. They simply changed the name, the spirit of the supra is still there
  • 1) It's still just a design, Toyota will probably never make it. Even if they do make it, it will not be a Supra, nor will it look anything like the FT-1. It may share minor insignificant details but that's literally it. Don't believe half the crap forms post, because that's it, it's crap. Plus if they did make it, for the ~$100k~ they're going to sell it for there's other options I would consider.
  • 2) I was watching an interview with Toyota and the cars designers. I understand that it's only a concept, but that doesn't change the fact that it is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and it does the supra justice.
  • 1) Yes, it is aesthetically pleasing but in that video they never refer to the FT-1 as a supra. They do claim it shared details, but i really don't see them, I see more GT-86/BRZ/FR-S. They wanted to compare it to the LFA more than anything.
  • 2) They wanted to have a sports car like scion and Lexus, but they never said they took the design concepts from them. They did claim however that they wanted to reinvent the supra
  • 1) But it wont be a Supra
  • 2) I get it...
  • 1) lol, sorry I had to...
  • 2) It's still a supra... New name, reinvented, designed to incorporate everything that the supra was. Even engine placement etc... Sorry I had to
  • 1) lol,what? Just because Toyota never really made any other sports cars doesn't mean that they're going to continue to use the name or any other piece, if they brought the legendary 2JZ back then sure. What you said can be applied to the corvette and camaro . Just because they're both RWD and the engine is in the front doesn't make them the same or another example the Mercedes 300SL, (…) they "re inspired" it for 2010 as the SLS. Two completely different cars which share nothing but the style of the gull-wing doors. They are two completely different cars. Sure they share letters "SL" and "SLS" but they're certainly not the same...Therefore the "Toyota supra" was discontinued in 2002 and will be until Toyota formally announces their "SUPRA" concept, Not FT-1... did i make it more clear?? (still not a supra)

Mercedes-Benz 300SL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Mercedes-Benz 300SL was the first iteration of the SL-Class grand tourer con...

  • 2) I understand what you're saying but I've been looking into it all afternoon. They wanted it to embody the supra, argue with me all you like but I'm repeating what the makers of car said
  • 1) YES! Embody, re-inspire, influence, instill, animate, whatever. Like I said it would be more like the Mercedes example, IF (BIG IF) they bring it back it will most likely not be called a "supra." I can keep going, I'm procrastinating on a paper for this...
  • 2) I really don't see what you're arguing... I'm simply stating that I love the design and that's that...
  • 1) serious? You called it supra hahaha it's not a supra. It's "FutureToyota-1.". that is all. a more appropriate status would have been "Wow the FT-1 concept is sexy!" idk my bad
  • 2) Dude, everyone is calling it "the new supra" calm down