I have now taken a 41 mile trip (Monday night) and won't get to drive it again until at least Friday. I took it down to my mechanic today...long story short, it needs $1300 in repairs. Well, fuck me. The timing belt is way worn and it needs some seal to fix an oil leak along with new brake pads. In a VG30, that involves pulling the engine. To be fair, I wouldn't really trust a 22 year old belt either. While i hit myself, have some pictures. Its still fucking gorgeous. The end.

Current mod list:
Wheels (PO)

Nice stereo (PO)

Removed ashtray

Explanation: The 300ZX has no cup holders. Not one. So, thats where my drinks are going for now

Removed terrible air "fresheners"

Also, looking through the receipts, the PO spent $1300 (!) on tires (Continental Extreme Contacts). So I guess I sort of am paying for new tires repair wise....I guess. Fuck.