You saw it here first, kids.

Formula One: McLaren will win the first half of the championship. Then RB will solve their reliability problems and suck FIA's dick so that the McLarens will be deemed illegal and the team will be disqualified. RB and Vettel win the championship.

Le Mans: Audi will win. WEC teams will continue to have superiority over USCC ones.

WRC: Ogier and VW will win. Manufacturers will still refuse to release road-going versions of their WRC cars.

MotoGP: Rossi will make his shittiest season ever and retire at the end. Crutchlow will either win the championship or come very close to, ending Ducati's dark hours of finishing in 6th in the manufacturers championship.

WSBK: *insert Japanese manufacturer here* will win. Not sure what to say of MV's return, other than they'll struggle a lot.

NASCAR: I don't own a Ford F-150, nor do I like country music, nor do I wear cowboy boots, and I've read books other than the Bible, so I don't give a shit.

WTCC: does that shit still exist? I'm not even sure.