Ok guys, I literally stopped what I was doing and found my local Rally X. Wouldn't you know there's one this weekend about 90 minutes outside of Atlanta!

Because I am not this guy,

I am sure as hell not putting my DD out there (e92 335) so I figured I'd go get the fastest rallycross car available. Which (I have read) is a rental car of course.


So... what do I get? Mustang? Challenger R/T? Camaro SS? Obviously you can see I am leaning towards a performance rental... I don't like the fact that by choosing an "economy" car it's kind of a crapshoot because I wouldn't mind a Focus either. But I don't want the "or similar" to that.

So let me hear your suggestions because I need to make these reservations asap due to the time it takes to get hand controls installed!

UPDATE: I reserved a Camaro SS mainly because it has an LSD. Will be writing a follow up to this next week!

UPDATE #2: Sad sad sad