We all know that a person's car choice will often reflect on their personality. How about we try to do it the other way? I'll give you a description of a person and you'll try to come up with a perfect car for them.

You may post cars that are reasonably within reach for the described person, or ones that aren't but seem like they would suit them perfectly (although I'd prefer you stick to the former choice). Also, try to stick to mass produced cars. I know that hot rods are cool, but I'd rather you keep it within reason.

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Person 1:

A 19 year old bloke, 6'2", slim but muscular. He's currently in university studying mechanical (automotive) engineering, with hopes that in the future he'll be able to work for a major automaker. He also helps part time in a garage owned by his dad's good friend. He's a massive petrolhead and knows a hell of a lot about cars, also from a technical side. He lives with his girlfriend of 3 years and a roommate. They're not really rich, but even despite the student loans they're not struggling, mostly due to the good job his girl got thanks to her folks pulling a few favours. He doesn't really need a daily driver, since his girlfriend usually works from home and he's able to nick her car to drive wherever he needs to. He needs a car that'll satisfy him as a petrolhead, and let him practice his mechanical skills. He's able to keep it behind the garage he works in and use their tools to work on it whenever he has a free moment. Cost of parts is a bit of a concern for him.

Person 2:

A lady in her early 80's, 4'11". She's a retired nurse living alone in the suburbs of a large city. She doesn't have any family living within 1000 miles and she refuses to move out of the house she and her late husband have lived in for most of their lives. She's reasonably active for her age and so far perfectly capable of living by herself. While she's not rich, she has enough money to comfortably live out her days. She doesn't need to drive much anymore, since she has most of what she needs delivered to her door, but will still get in her car if she has to. She takes pride in still being able to drive. She used to be able to drive cars with manual gearboxes, but she hasn't done it in the last 40 years.