Winter is upon us and for the first time in a long time I don't mind. Why? Because the Focus ST is a blast to drive in the snow! It's very civilized and balanced, but it's extremely easy to induce oversteer around corners when you command it to. I just want to make sure that everyone that owns an ST is aware of what kind of fun is possible, so please read ahead.

Because of the reduced traction in the winter, the chassis dynamics and suspension setup of the ST become "exaggerated". What can normally only be done at high speeds in the summer can now be accomplished at very low speeds. It becomes easy to see what this car is really capable of.


It's really incredible how easy it is to bring the rear of the car out around a corner and correct it (bring it back in) with the throttle. To induce drop throttle oversteer (or "lift off oversteer" ) you simply lift off the accelerator as you turn the wheel into a corner. (What this does is it transfers the weight of the car to the front wheels while reducing the grip of the rears).

When I bought my Focus ST last winter I was amazed. I had no idea a FWD car could handle like this; modulating the rear of the car with the throttle! You can even enter intersections sideways (powerslide) and just apply the throttle when you have your line. Like "point and shoot". Quite fun.

Again, this is all done at very low speeds. And, this is important, IF YOU DON'T HAVE TRACTION COMING INTO A CORNER, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO INDUCE OVERSTEER. This is a Fwd car, so the front tires need to be able to grip at all times.
When learning the handling dynamics, start at low speeds. Get comfortable with it for a while before working your way up and you will see how just how balanced and neutral this car really is.
Please be safe and cautious of others. When learning, it's best to do these things in the middle of the night on roads with no traffic.