Take this airborne M3 for your troubles. After the jump is some personnal stuff about studies and what I'd like to do later. I have some questions that oppo engineers (or not) might be able to answer.

So, I'm a student at a French engineering school. I study mechanical, power and industrial engineering. I'm currently in my 4th year after highschool so I have one year left, which I will spend studying engineering at University of Auckland.


My dream is to work surrounded by cars, but I have a lot of questions about what an engineer really do. Like, what is your job like? Did you feel like, when your where in school, you would be able to do all that?

Also what is oppo's feedback on big manufacturers vs smaller ones ? My dream is to be able to be close to cars, to take part in road tests, winter tests, ...

I won't trouble you anymore Oppo, I promise.