Moving to the automotive industry has been great for me so far, but believe it or not, not every engineer is a 'car guy.'

At lunch today, one of the non-car-guys was explaining to a recently married, very much a car guy coworker how practical their family minivan is: "You can fit two full couches in there, fold down the seats, take the kids and their friends everywhere!"

Second guy was not having it at all, joked around at first, then finally puts down his sandwich and says:


"Well, sweatpants are practical for a lot of things too, but there's a reason I'm wearing slacks."

The whole table collectively died. Cool story, me.

On that note, to stop Second Guy from worrying that children will relegate him to a life of minivan: What, in your humble oppo-pinions, are the best minivan alternatives in current production?


Requirements: Must baby, must adequately 'car guy' for mom and dad, must still be available new at the dealer and priced within reason for two engineers.