Time for some debating!

As we all should know, the E60 M5 had a fantastic 507hp 5.0 liter V10 that revved to infinity, and beyond. What not all of us know is that not all markets got the same versions!

On the one hand, the America special, the manual:

For some reason, in addition to the standard SMG 7-speed single clutch automated manual, the north American buyer could opt for a masterpiece of awesomeness a 6-speed manual box. This made the E60 M5 the only V10 powered, 500+hp manual sedan [cue Clarkson voice] ... in the world.

Which means said buyer could hop into his newly acquired M5, and see this beautiful view:

If this doesn't make you weep, it means you have no soul.

On the other hand, the Europe special, the wagon:

In an early attempt to take over Europe, Jalopnik convinced BMW to build a wagon M5. Yes, a 500hp V10 powered car in which you can fit your mountain bike. Or your children. If that's your thing.


This, because they knew there's nothing better than a good session of hooning after a good session of trail riding. With this, the gods would be pleased and so would mankind, and all would go well forever in this beautiful world.
Sadly, that's not what happened, no one bought them and BMW decided the F10 M5 will not be available as a wagon.

But it means you can currently buy a used car as cool looking as this:

But you will have to be operating one of those:

Which brings me to the big question. What would you take?

Personally? I think I'd go for the wagon. I would curse on the two-pedal setup all the time, but then I'd remember I drive a 500hp V10 wagon, and it would all be OK.