1996-1998 Rotary Bullet

"Quite often mistaken to be a rotary engine in an MX5, the first Bullet car was designed around a Mazda MX5 body shell with a complete space frame chassis underneath.

This was the basis of the Bullet Car as we know it today. Originally, the Mazda MX5 body was left totally standard except for the body being cut off at the firewall and the new chassis secured underneath it. This allowed for exceptional handling and weight distribution. A unique one piece fibreglass tilt front was engineered and this instantly became the way to tell a Bullet from an MX5.
The 13B Turbo charged motor and gearbox were sourced from a Mazda Series IV RX7 and produced over 300hp with Microtech engine management. The Brakes were also sourced from the Mazda RX7." Bulletcars

2000-2002 Prototypes
With a shortage of Rover V8 engines to fulfill orders, the decision was made to change to the Toyota 1UZFE 4.0 litre V8. This engine was originally found in the Toyota Soarer and the Lexus LS400. With an aluminium block and heads, 6 bolt mains, 32 valve and quad cams, these technologically advanced engines were renowned for their reliability and smoothness.

Naturally aspirated 1UZ cars were built using the original idea of the standard MX5 body on the Bullet chassis. With the idea of supercharging on this engine and the increase in Power and Torque, an upgrade of the drivetrain to include a Borg Warner Limited Slip Differential and heavy duty clutch/gearbox was needed. At this stage, the decision was made to move away from the original MX5 body styling and shape new rear guards and side skirts.

This was the start of the "wide body" cars. From this point onwards, the Bullet idea grew into a venture that was more than anyone could have dreamt about.