Well everybody, we finally had time to get the Hot Wheels that BlazinAce sent along out of their individual bubble wrapping!

If you guys missed this story or forgot about it, BlazinAce being as awesome as he is, sent along over 20 Hot Wheels cars to try and rebuild my collection to pass on to my son (who just turned 1 last month). Mine were stolen when I was 12. Check out the story if you don't remember here.

Here's some more pics of the nice collection and a video of my son Robbie getting a big pile of cars dumped in front of him. He sincerely loves Hot Wheels cars already! Only one not pictured is the "on the card" one. We left that one in the package for him.

This last one is my wife and I next to the cars!

Here's the video, and again BlazinAce- you may think it was no big deal, but you made a sincere and awesome impact on our lives. We wrote down year/make/model of each car so when he's older we can tell him exactly which ones came from you!