Every single review of any car that I've ever seen written by any kind of publication always mentions the so-called "touch points" of the vehicle, which are namely the dashboard(??) center console, elbow rest etc.

Taken from the Jalopnik 2015 WRX review:

"The interior follows the same WRX formula as it always has. Great steering wheel, great seats, pretty bland everything else. There are softer touch materials on the dash than the past, but the center stack is still hard and blah, though there is faux carbon fiber, so woo hoo."


The thing is, I don't know any sane person who spends any appreciable amount of time touching their dashboard. Why would you? I wipe mine down with a rag a few times a year to clear it of dust, but other than that, I have no reason to ever lay a hand on my dash.

Car magazine editors and even car bloggers always talk about how soft the dash is to the touch, which leaves me completely bewildered every time they mention it. Is it some kind of weird writer fetish, or should I be touching my dash in a way I am currently unaware of.

Please help me understand this.