Only problem is the price.

When the viciously yellow Sport Quattro was shown at Frankfurt last autumn, the bosses put out the message that if it were to get the nod, it would likely be as a £100k-plus boutique car, using lots of carbonfibre in the body and an expensive plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Trouble is, even with limited-edition cachet helping to get the selling price up, the engineers didn't think they'd be able to turn a profit.

Well, according to chief engineer Ulrich Hackenberg, that's changed. If they widen the range by adding cheaper engines, and drop the selling price, they can shift more of them and cover the costs of tooling-up. He told Top Gear "We used a powerful powertrain to position it. But the potential is to have more volume. It needs a high investment so it makes sense to use other engines."

Does he mean selling it for somewhere between the TT and the R8? "Yes. The R8 is a pure sports car for two. The Frankfurt car was a four-seater, a comfortable GT." He says it uses the next-generation modular longitudinal matrix (MLB), which can use aluminium and carbonfibre to cut weight. If it gets the nod, expect it around 2016-2017.

I was hoping for around $30-40k. Nope.

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