So I caught word of a possible parts car donor for my 5spd swap project that I want to do. The question is, will it work?

A member on bimmerforums told me someone near him has this 1982 euro grey market import 735i with a 5spd manual just sitting at some guys house. Here is the info that I know about the car

1982 735i

130k(ish?) miles

car was caught in a flash flood and parked ever since

interior looks really clean (I don't need the interior but I'd imagine the water couldn't have gone to high if the interior isnt trashed)

Owner wanted $1200 but we speculate he might take less

Now, the plan would be to get this car and let the guy who found it buy the entire interior out of it. I'd then strip all the trans parts out and if the engine runs, yank that out to. I'd sell off as many parts as I could and scrap the body, hopefully covering my costs and putting me in the green.

I have some issues with this that I have to research more on. The car is a 1982, which means it should have the Bosch Ljet EFI system. My car being an 85, has the more advanced Bosch Motronic setup. This would mean I need a new bell housing so the motronic sensors can read the flywheel. I'm also 85% sure that this car has the older style IRS so I don't think I could swap the carrier into my car if it has a more desirable rear gear.


I have a ton of research to do on this to see if its even a viable option. Ideally I'd rather have a "post redesign" 7 series like my car, but its not like e23's are a dime a dozen.