Rally Sweden is done and for the second straight round weather was the deciding factor. Abnormally warm temperatures (OMG GLOBAL WARMING!!1!) and a lack of snow resulted in roads that became gravel as the cars tore them up and snowbanks that were smaller and softer than usual. The gravel roads were a problem because everyone brought studded tires to the party, and gravel eats studs. The snowbanks were a problem because drivers typically treat Sweden like bumper bowling, carrying extra speed into corners with the intent of bouncing off the snowbank on exit. The softer snowbanks instead acted like an icy tar pit, sucking cars into its depths.

Many cars spent time trapped in those snowbanks, including Sebastien Ogier. Bad news for 19 of this week's fantasy players, but good news for a brave and clever six. Unsurprisingly these six dominated the week's results, filling the top five spots and six of the top eight (AntMic was let down somewhat by Hanninen and Kubica). Hoccy, thanks to his biased Scandinavian homerism (he is from Norway after all), destroyed everyone with his all-Scandinavian roster, picking the entire finishing top four, along with Henning Solberg for an extra six points. This gave him a massive fourteen point win over second place Lumpy44. But never mind that, there's bigger news! RAPHAEL ORLOVE IS ON THE PODIUM! The only person to ever score less than twenty points in a round (and do it twice) is on the podium! And on a round with 25 entries at that! Remember this moment, for when in a few months the sun explodes and becomes a black hole, fire rains from the sky, and the world is sucked into the abyss, you'll be able to say you saw it coming, for nothing can be a surer sign of the end of the world than what has just transpired.


Now then, results! Here's the fantasy top 12 for Rally Sweden. As always the full standings are on the Google Drive Spreadsheet:

1) Hoccy - 85
2) Lumpy44 - 69
3) Raphael Orlove - 68
4) Alex Kihurani - 66
4) Marzobomber - 66
6) Chronchameleon - 64
6) Marshall Richards - 64
8) AntMic - 62
9) Chris Duplessis - 60
9) Dusty Ventures - 60
9) McNewbie - 60
12) Formula Photo - 59

Overall fantasy top 10 after Rally Sweden:

1) Hoccy - 135
2) Chronchameleon - 114
3) Chris Duplessis - 113
4) McNewbie - 110
5) AntMic - 108
6) Sliding-Sideways - 106
7) Dusty Ventures - 104
8) Tell A Finn - 103
9) Nobody - 102
10) Chaozbandit - 99


Three more weeks and it will be time to make picks for Rally Mexico. But for now: PHOTOS!