Everybody has a way they picture their dream build of any cars, aesthetically speaking. And sometimes...you stumble upon something online that's nearly perfectly in line with what your mental image is your perfect _____.

When it comes to the 3 generations of the Miata, these are the three I've discovered online that come closest to my imaginary 'perfect' __ Miata.

NA Miata:

"Say 'hairdressers car' again. Say 'hairdresser's car again', I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker! Say 'hairdresser's car' one more goddamn time!"

What fits:

-Black with black hard-top

-Big wide tires under even wider bolted fender flares

-Flush-mount headlights (blasphemy, I know, but it just looks so good to me!)

-Nice deep-dish Watanabe's (though from equally wide RPF1's would look great too)

-Nice subtle lip spoiler

-Functional cage

-Dat proper stance!

-Mmmm. Indicator intakes...

-Dat front lip spoiler!

What I would change:

-No red seats. Black or grey, probably

-Either leave the hard top glossy, or matte the hood to match.

-Lose the decals

-That's pretty much it!

NB Miata:

Simpson Design Italia II GTB: Full integrated body shell on an NB Miata chassis that turns it into a proper closed-roof coupe while reducing weight. What's not to like?

What fits:

-The body shell and color, haha.

What I'd change:

-Fatter wheels and tires

-A less shiny wheel. I'm not big on bling.

-Just a teensy bit lower-lose some wheel arch

-A tidy, but healthy integrated ducktail spoiler

-Maybe convert to side-exist exhaust. For some reason I like that idea

NC Miata:

Subtle, simple, and functional.

What fits:

-Overall consistency of color scheme, including the wheels. I also happen to like the color, haha.

-Aggressive, but daily driveable stance

-Matching hard-top

-Damn those wheels are nice...

What's I'd change:

-Lose the front plate

-Maybe add a slightly more aggressive functional front lip spoiler and a tiny-bit larger lip spoiler on the trunk

-Smoke the headlights ever so slightly

-Hood pins, yo