I know that we are fans of the conventional (and not so conventional) forms of the internal combustion engine when it comes to our cars. However, we cannot avoid the fact that the scary world of the commuter only car is moving towards electric hybrids, electric only, and hydrogen vehicles with varying degrees of success.

15 years ago, the common motorist was timid, or downright negative, about one day owning an electric/electric hybrid vehicle. Questions such as "Will I be shocked if I drive in the rain?", "What happens if a first responder has to use the jaws of life?". etc. were asked and seen as legitimate concerns. Obviously this mentality has changed as we are looked down upon for daring to not drive an electric/electric hybrid vehicle.

In regards to Hydrogen powered vehicles, what questions do you have or have you heard asked by acquaintances? I know that personally the first questions I have asked are in regards to the steps taken to ensure the Hydrogen fuel is not dangerously unstable, etc. while stored in the vehicle.


Please comment below and tell me what questions you have about Hydrogen vehicles. I can't say that I have all of the answers either as I am learning more about this technology. But, I am curious as to what people would like to know more about concerning Hydrogen technology as it relates to vehicles.

To fully disclose my motives, I am doing a little research about the public's concern about vehicles powered by Hydrogen so that we can ways to answer common concerns/questions in a proposal for a consumer event about Hydrogen powered vehicles.