So I sat in the new S class for about 5-10 minutes getting stuff for a article series I am working on. During that time I kept asking those getting in the car if they see the clown? "All of them were like huh, what are you talking about?" I said look at the steering wheel and the gauges. The reactions were amazing, ranging from an elderly waspy lady saying, "that does not belong on an S class, my Mercedes dealer will be hearing my displeasure" She said this with a straight face, and I completely believe that she will call them and complain. One guy who looked a lot like Professional Auto Journalist Dan Neil who flipped his shit and was all glass shattered. It was awesome. The last guy I trolled looked as if he might have been a sports professional person from what I believe other people call football. The world will never know. But he just burst out laughing at it, and then grabbed three people in his entourage for me to point it out for them, who all started laughing. The gentlemen from Mercedes were not amused. Hopefully if I ever do become and professional auto journalist, they won't remember the guy who made everyone laugh at their new flagship! Sorry Mercedes, at least you guys don't have a dong shaped F1 car!

Photocredit to Jalopnik

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