There have been many coupe utility designs, but some just don't live up to the idea. My least favorite is the Ba-Ja:

Subaru took the Outback, added 6 inches, cut off the roof, added a liftgate and midgate, and called it a day. "The Baja bed is just too small to be useful," the wallets of the market said. Perhaps if they had done it up right and exchanged the second row of seats for a proper length bed we could have had the modern BRAT that we want and need.


A very close second is the halfassed conversions that do not have a liftgate. UR DOING IT WRONG!

What if you have to load a motorbike or quad or lawnmower or somesuch in the back? Dead lift it up and over!? And then find that the bed is too short for that?! Or what if you want to hang something extra long out the back end, or maybe have an extension on the liftgate or from the trailer hitch? LOL, NOPE!

So what is your least favorite Ute or Coupe Utility design?