2014 saw the first marketing coup from Maserati to open up to a wider customer base and provide a 50.000$ car, marketed through the Superbowl.


Now the Porsche Macan, debuting this year, shows the arrival of another contender playing the affordability card. Granted the base Cayenne costs about the same price as the Macan, but while the Cayenne was an exeption (A Porsche SUV, wtf?? Why not a diesel while they're at it!! Wait...) it seems to transforms itself into a whole line of somewhat more affordable and "normal" family cars.

So what are we going to see next? I don't think Ferrari will come up with a somewhat affordable 4 door saloon, nor will Lambo, but what about Aston Martin? Don't you guys want to see a 50.000$ 2015 Aston Martin Lagonda?? I can't help but think it would be really cool to see more Astons in the streets...

EDIT: the Ghibli is actually 65.000$ new, my bad. Nonetheless, quite a bit cheaper than what we are used to and made a lot more affordable than their other cars