It is also Monday so I had to work. My son threw a party in his room in the middle of the night so I got very little sleep and was exhausted all day... at work. When I got out of bed I realized I have a cold and m back was incredibly sore. The roads were slick so I had to take my wife's car to work. I also got into an argument with my sister for calling her a (her words) 22 year old drunken whore. I didn't actually say that. Today also marks the one year anniversary of my mom's death. Even after all the shit that happened today it was still much better than spending my birthday at a funeral home planning to bury my mother.
Anyway, my wife got me a gift card for a hobby shop so I can buy a 458 model car. Awesome wife. Some guys from work also bought me Matchbox/Hot Wheels. A 60th Anniversary Aston Martin, a 911 GT3, and an Estoque. Can't complain. For listening to my personal shit I reward you with a CLK-GTR, which is one of my all-time favorites.