Have a tasty w201 in exchange for the screed, leave now if you aren't into reading weirdness.

Seriously, I saw this cross my feed yesterday and it quite literally stopped me in my tracks. Train platform somewhere in somewhere land. And, someone, I think, snapped this photo not to make fun of everyone on their potatoes, but to point out the one guy who wasn't. Dude looks like he's wandering around in the extras barn for the shoot of the puppetmasters (Which by the way, you should see, excellent Donald Sutherland vehicle).

Anyhow, that's about that. So the new phone is... One of these:

It has nothing. Sadly, this also means it has no Oppo. It does still have t9, which apparently is like riding a bike.


And I think this is probably a positive step. Not for the lack of Oppo, which will sucks much. But rather, because I'm really spending too much time online and not looking up at the world. Between Oppo, YT, the rest of Gawker (infrequently), tumblr, FB, IG, three email accounts (Or is it four, now) most of my day when not working is spent looking at a screen or texting someone. And that's no way to live.

I'm hoping to pick up a book, work on my car some more, interact at a human level, sleep better and not take so much time living through a screen. This may be harder than quitting smoking, which I am still on board with three or four weeks in at this point. How fucked up is that: harder to quit tech than it is to quit smoking.


If you were to take transit or wander around campus, it is really shocking how many little pod people are wandering around utterly entranced in their digital lives to the exclusion of normal social propriety. What have we become, when you really analyze it.

Obligatory fake Einstein quote:

okie doke. back to Oppo.