Hello all, I'm a driving enthusiast. I DD my '98 z3 with the 1.9 4 banger and a 5 speed (above). I wish I had unlimited funds for track experience, but I don't. Some background about me; I just got my SCCA regional license to race (the world's slowest) a joint venture '79 RX7 (also above at Roebling road in front of the GRM Focus) in IT7/ITA. I don't have the time or funds to do more than 2 races a year at this point, but I want to feed my driving spirit and build skills.

My question to y'all jal-opponauts is this:

What do you do on a daily basis to improve your driving skill? Here is what I've thought of for myself.


-drive a stick and be mindful of the car's feedback, or "listen with my ass" if you will.

-rev match, and generally try to be as smooth as possible with all shifts and turns. Smooth is fast, and in the rain especially sharp and jerky inputs are punished. (Senna was smooth as silk and as we all know it never rained on Ayrton)

-when I have a green arrow and no traffic in my immediate path I try to brake as late/little as necessary and take a relative racing line around the corner (within reason, I'll go wide in my own lane and track out into the next lane that I've just turned into)

-when changing lanes on the freeway I even try to hit the reflector nubs so that I'm being mindful of where my tires are

-I love GT5, and I know that we can learn a lot from simulators, but you just can't get that same feeling sitting in your living room.

I know a lot of it is silly, but it makes me happy.

So to the Jal-Oppo-verse: What else do you do to improve your skills?