Ahh... its been over ten faithful years but i have decided that the 2003 Camry that currently grace my driveway needs to be in the hands of some one who needs it more than me. this fine example of grounded to the ground is made redundant by my wife's four door sedan. This causes a dilemma. you see, we are but two people with a staggering eight doors! What a waste of doors. This being plain, "it's time to let the Camry go" decreed my wife and I.

"What should we get instead?" I asked. "Something that gets similar mileage, with two doors, and rear wheel drive. Oh and it can't be more than what we can sell the Camry for."

So what is a man to do but post to oppo his troubles. You see the Camry can be sold for about $3500 to $4000 and gets about 24 mpg in mixed driving. This puts it near to very interesting choices, all of which seem to come from the 80's. The C4 Corvette and the Porsche 928 are pinnacles of affordable 80's prowess in both style, power and handling. their mechanical woes can be overlooked and repaired fairly easily. not to mention ....Pop up headlights. These two cars are coketastic fantastic examples of the opulence of the 80's. but which one to get?

That is where you come in Oppo. Vote below to decide what you hate the least. have a better idea? id like to hear it.